Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blackberry Troubles

Unfortunately I've been having some issues with my Blackberry. I absolutely LOVE it, but for the past few days, I've been trying to download my system update and it freezes right when I've downloaded 72% of it. It won't get any further. My problems started last Saturday and I thought it might have been just because I hadn't turned it off in awhile, but I've tried re-starting it, re-setting it, and leaving it off for long periods of time. I've tried it in all the different modes and I'm now starting to not receive BBMs! I'm not quite sure what to do! If my problem continues through the weekend (which I hope it doesn't!!) I'm probably going to have to resort to going to the store--on a weekend, yuck--to see what they can do for me!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to helping out a BBerry?! I'd hugely appreciate it!!


P.S.: I'm officially ADDICTED to BBM! It's part of why I love my BBerry, y'all were SO right!!


mFw said...

use a friends phone and call verizon support

College Prepster said...

Switch the iPhone ;)

But seriously giving up BBM is surprisingly painless!

Patti ( said...

have you tried the blackberry website? had some helpful tips when my blackberry had issues..

Annie said...

Take the battery out to reset it. Don't just turn it off and back on.

Or call Verizon's (or whoever) help desk from another phone line. They are usually really helpful.

newyorkhokie said...

The phone support for verizon is pretty good. I didn't have a verizon store near my university and they would send me a replacement phone the next day!

Virginia said...

I don't have the same blackberry, I had that one but switched to the bold 9650, but the same thing happened to me when I downloaded it from my phone instead of computer!

Go to the BB website (on your computer), where you'll see how to download the desktop application and once you do that you restart your computer and connect the phone to the computer where you'll see the option to update. (By update, I'm assuming you mean to blackberry 6.0..?) Doing it on the computer takes half the time and work 100%! Just don't go on the internet during the time it's downloading it'll interfere and cancel the update. Hope this works/helps! I am so BBM obsessed too!!

Sarah Brooke said...

I agree with College Prepster :)

I had a blackberry curve for over a year and had sooo many problems with it. One of the main problems was that it was always freezing or just being really slow. I had to take the battery out to restart it several times a day. I have a droid now and it's a million times better although I have some serious verizon iphone envy!

KStar said...

Don't have a solution but wishing you luck. I can't imagine dealing with that on my smart phone.

Rachel said...

Try to turn off the wi-fi. Sometimes that causes problems with apps.

Ashley C said...

Hey Katie,
Here are few things that helped me
1. take the battery out and hold down the power button for about a minute and then put the battery back in. The man at verizon told me that it resets the phone
2.I agree with Virginia, try to update it through your computer, it works way better
3. GET RID OF VERIZON!! im not saying switch to the iphone or droid becuase i LOVE my blackberry too (i actually have the same one as you). But ever since i switched from verizon to Sprint i have had NO PROBLEMS with my blackberry. Plus its cheaper :)
Hope that helped and good luck

Breland said...

Try to download the update over a computer. Install the BB desktop, download from there and install. should work like a charm