Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lilly Spring Dress Arrivals

Here are my picks for my favorite Spring Lilly items! I have a corporate gift card from Christmas that I've tried my BEST to save, but it's DEFINITELY going towards one of these beauties:

Wyatt Dress Printed (the belt's included!)

Sandra Dress Printed (if this is like last year, it runs big!)

Dolly Dress Novelty Lace

Adelson Dress Printed Dobby

Chloe Dress Printed (Any UA readers...this could totally be my Spring Banquet dress possibly!)

Stephanie Shift Engineered

Kiki Dress Printed 

Del Mar Dress Printed

It's clear which styles of dress I like and in what color schemes, but I'm really loving the Spring Collection! I can't wait to see this all in person, and I'm sure it'll be just as good as the photos! What are y'all fans of? Anything I missed?!



Gracie Beth said...

I am so excited for the Sandra! I need one more graduation dress and I think it will be it!

KMS said...

Loving the Chloe and Kiki! Too cute. You have me totally wishing for spring :-)

Preppy Little Dress said...

Love them esp. the Chloe dress! Too cute!!

Abby and Sky said...

katie -- we definitely need to chat. i steamed 16 of our 22 boxes of spring -- plus unloaded and repacked the truck show. I feel like the queen of spring lilly. the adelson/kiki print was not cute at trunk. not not not. but it may not be final. it had this weird polka dot overlay that made it cheap.

the chloe is a LOVE. tried it on. so is the wyatt. INCREDIBLE. sandra is also coming in some really really fun prints aside from that butterfly print. and the koala del mar is so fun and bright! steamed that gem today.

xx sky

Patti ( said...

I love the sandra dress, when will they be available?? ♥