Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Story 6.0

Remember when I wrote a post called 'A Free Wedding?' a few months ago? The gist of it is that a HRSM (Hotel, retail, and sports management) class here at USC is taking on designing a wedding. They handle everything, planning, venue, food, dress, everything! Well, THE WINNER IS BEING ANNOUNCED ON MONDAY! You can LIKE it on facebook and stay up to date with all the wedding details! Any USC readers here should certainly follow along. 

The class is going to announce the winner on USC's historic horseshoe. I work right on the horseshoe so I sure hope they're announcing it when I'm there! Annette Hoover of All About Brides & Events Annette Hoover is the class' professor and the organizer of the HRTM 362's "Free Planned Wedding" class! I can't wait to hear all about the plans and everything they're going to do for it!!


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