Saturday, February 5, 2011

Playlist Choices!

Spring is right around the corner and it's high time for a new playlist. This is a combo of old and new songs, ideal for me in spring! Here are some of my recent picks:

1. The One That Got Away: Jerrod Niemann
2. Erase Me: Kid Cudi
3. Just Passin' Through: Jason Aldean
4. I Hope You Ge What You Deserve: Jerrod Niemann
5. Hold it Against Me: Britney Spears
6. Whiskey's Gone: Zac Brown Band
7. Georgia Clay: Josh Kelley
8. La, La, La: Auburn feat. Iyaz
9. Quiet Your Mind: Zac Brown Band
10. A Little Bit Stronger: Leighton Meester
11. Ride: Ciara feat. Ludacris
12. Carolina Girls: Chairman of the Band (thank you shag practice!)
13. Mud on the Tires: Brad Paisley
14. Where the Boat Leaves From: Zac Brown Band
15. Farmer's Daughter: Rodney Atkins

Any spring songs that MUST be downloaded? Do I need to add any to my playlist--I'm ALWAYS open to new song suggestions!!



Rachel said...

You should listen to "Summer Girls" by Leighton Meister! I love it!

Matt Zervos said...

A new musician that has been discovered in Nashville! Check out "The Flower Song" by Cameron Beddell. This is a great song to start off for spring!

Gracie Beth said...

Oh goodness we have a VERY similar taste in music.

katie carlin said...

Im loving the playlist and your blog looks great as always!! xx Katie