Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Nails

With spring popping up pretty much as we speak for us South Carolinians, I have to make my nail color choices early. I'm a huge fan of bright tones for spring because all I'm looking towards is warm weather, hanging out outside, chilling by the pool, and rockin' through the end of school. Here are my choices for spring nail colors:

Pink Diamond
(this looks like the PERFECT pink to compliment my Lilly!!!)
Turquoise and Caicos
(I'll always think of T&C spring breaks!)
Aruba Blue
(although I'd never wear electric blue nail polish, we're heading to ARUBA for spring break 2011!)
Mango Bango

Bahama Mama
(cruise anyone?!)
Carousel Coral
(I always think of Elle Woods, "You know mixers, clambakes on the Cape?! That kinda stuff!")

Got any good color suggestions? I'll be giving myself a SB pedi soon!!!



Argyle and Alligators said...

These are such cute colors - I can't wait for nice weather! I think the top one is my favorite :) cute post, as always!

Buckhead Belle said...

I am obsessed with Essie Fiesta. It is my go to pink for spring and summer!

Jana Moss said...

I must have Mango Bango and Carousel Coral!! Love them!

KMS said...

I'm loving the Fiesta and the Carousel Coral!

CRICKET said...

These are beautifula nd so cheerful. I use Ballet Slippers but I often have problems with streaks.

Jeannie said...

Fiesta is my go-to summer color!!!! Absolutely love it. Fiji is a nice light pink I wore all through 7 and 8 grade, but I still love it! I am legitimately writing down these colors because I am getting a mani/pedi Saturday and need a fresh new color- I'm thinking Turquoise and Caicos!

living well said...

Ooh I wanna try the Fiesta and the Bahama Mama!!