Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Since my Weekly Gratitude post didn't quite work on Saturday, I pushed it to this Tuesday instead!

I'm thankful for:

1. the amazing, unbelievable weather we've been having. It really doesn't get better than this. No humidity, perfect amounts of sunshine, and a breeze when you need it.
2. spring break being RIGHT around the corner. I haven't seen my fam in so long and I cannot wait to see them!
3. chicken salad at Gourmet Shop. You are delicious and no one quite makes it like the GS.
4. the Horseshoe. There are few places I've encountered in my life that are like the Horseshoe, and it is a beautiful view to look at every day. We're very lucky.
5. Lilly dresses. I broke one out for the first time in this weather and I was so excited! It's finally time again for them!!!!
6. my Monday/Wednesday breakfast of grits. New challenge: learn to cook cheese grits on my own. Not the instant kind, not the quick cooking kind, but the REAL kind.
7. the great vendors and companies that I've been connected to through this blog. I've learned so much about marketing and writing and those companies are concrete examples.
8. the season opener of Carolina Baseball! Let's go NATIONAL CHAMPS!
9. boat shoes. You are the perfect transitional shoe choice.
10. knowing the secret ways around Columbia trains. I mostly have my roommate to thank for that (and laughing at me when I get totally lost in this small city...), it really simplifies traffic if I'm running late.



Pink, Green, and Southern said...

Oh the gourmet shop, yum!

Your comment about knowing your way around the trains made me laugh. I haven't lived in Columbia in over 3 years but when I see a train coming, I cringe and look for a way around it!

megan said...

Lovvvvvve the chicken salad from the gourmet shop! Yum!