Friday, April 1, 2011

Carolina Cup Week: The Dress

Well, Carolina Cup is certainly known for the wide variety of dresses. More or less, it's a sea of dresses and bowties. (Is there any better kind...?) The top choice is easily Lilly Pulitzer dresses, they're bright, colorful and eye-catching. I was added semi-last minute to the group, so I had to scramble a little to decide on what I was going to wear. I have quite the backstock in my own closet, so I decided on a dress that I've never worn around this crowd:
Now to all the people that know me, you know what I'm wearing!

However, if you don't really want to wear Lilly or don't have a fab strapless dress just laying around (or neatly hung up in the Lilly section of your closet, double clipped with another Betsey dress, both with outsides facing OUT so you can see them...) in your closet, you definitely need to check out a few other dress vendors that would be PERFECT for Carolina Cup:

1. LaRoque: Click that to check out the entire facebook album of all the Cup 2011 dresses! LaRoque is known for custom dresses, fit and tailored to YOU and YOU only. Getting one of these custom dresses is on my bucket list of things to do before I graduate!!

Check out the monogrammed sash!

Love that one shoulder!

2. Emma Graham Designs: EGD is simply taking over college campuses! Keep an eye out for LOTS of EGD at this year's Cup. The designer is even a Gamecock grad too, so obviously I have a soft spot in my heart!!

This style is the Aimee dress, don't you love how they added the corresponding bow to the derby hat? It's like they KNEW I'd be attending...

This skirt is the Dayna skirt, and for anyone who goes to UVA (read: Foxfields) definitely check out this skirt!!

Finally, this style is the Paige dress. I love the bits of blue thrown in with the yellow, what a spring-y pop of color! Think of all the shoe and accessory options that you'd have with this color combo through the spring and EASILY into the summer!!

Now I know that the dress is a MAJOR part of the Cup! What are you wearing!! I MUST know so that I know what to keep any eye out for!!



Jennifer L. Duncan said...

I have loved all of your posts about Carolina Cup! I am so jealous that we don't do this kind of stuff in Arkansas even though we have the Arkansas Derby. It is such an amazing Southern tradition! The hats and dresses are too much fun also!


Beth Dunn said...

Love them all!

the pink prep said...

LOVE the laroque dresses -- they're FABulous!!! am planning a derby party and might have to check her out for my own custom dress!

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Love the dress your wearing! SO cute!
I love all those laroque dresses too! Are they really expensive to get made?

Worthington said...

OMG the LaRoque dresses you posted made my jaw drop to the floor. SO gorgeous. I've seen some in person but you have chosen some choice pieces there!

mFw said...

LOVE your dress!!! Have so much fun tomorrow!!!

CourtneyRF said...

Your dress for the Cup is too cute, have tons of fun! Here in Kentucky we still go all out for the Derby,but I've always wanted to attend the Carolina Cup!I've never seen any LaRoque dresses before but I am IN LOVE with them,especially the monogrammed sashes!

Jordan said...

How much are the Laroque dresses? I am in love!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the print of your Lilly dress!

Kimberly O. said...

I am a huge fan of the monogrammed sash. Hope you had fun.

Rachel said...

Some girls in my sorority were talking about the Laroque dresses! How much are they? I would die for one!