Thursday, April 14, 2011

Country Strong

Last night I watched Country Strong with 2 girlfriends and man-oh-man is this a sad one! We thought that it was going to be a much happier movie, but my favorite part was all the music. All of the songs were great! I had downloaded part of the soundtrack beforehand (before even seeing the movie) but I have an entirely new appreciation now! My favorite song was by Chiles Stanton, better known as Leighton Meester called "A Little Bit Stronger". It's a cover of a Sara Evans song, as you can watch here:

I'm definitely a fan of the LM version! The majority of the song had movie on top of it so we mostly heard dialogue but I was still lip-synching the words along with it!

Has anyone else seen this movie? What did you think, I'd love to hear other reviews!


PS: Tonight is my official Shag debut to the Shag community of Columbia. Wish me and my friends luck (and preferably, lots of it...). Thanks lovelies!!


Sami Mastrario said...

I love Leighton's version! Its almost bluesy at the beginning. :]


Reenie said...

Still haven't seen the movie, but I love all things Leighton!

little miss southern love. said...

I just bought it today & I plan on watching it tomorrow night!