Monday, April 25, 2011

New Fantasy Bedding

This is my new fantasy bedding maybe for next year! I LOVE the oxford material and stripe that is featured on about half of the shams and blankets. It looks like light pink from far away, but close up looks like the stripe on everyone's favorite button down. I have all kinds of pink accessories that would match just fine and I plan on re-arranging my room anyway. I like my bedding now, but I just want a bit of a change of pace for my new room. This adorable bedding also comes in blue and white too!

I also love the little touch of flowers on the nightstand. Now my nightstand is a bookshelf that holds water, tissues, a few canvas boxes from Target full of odds and ends and frames with pictures of my family so they're not far from me! It sometimes gets a little messy with all the knickknacks that accumulate during the week but is the perfect height for me. I also have a real nightstand on the other side of my bed, but I sleep solely on the right side so I never put anything over there. The right side is my side even with friends who stay over in my room. I fall asleep faster and sleep better when I sleep on the idea why. BACK to the flowers though, it's definitely something I'd like to add to my room for next year. My mom JUST sent me some silk daisies to "freshen" up our family room (they're white in a green holder--our whole family room is navy and lime/pea soup green). 

I also used to have Ralph Lauren bedding that I liked a lot. It was a white base with yellow, blue, green and pink stripes of all different sizes and number of stripes. I got it from the RL Outlet probably 7 or 8 years ago and now it serves as a duvet insert in our guest room! It was great bedding and the quality was long lasting, so I know it would be a good investment.

Anyone else know good bedding places? I'll be taking suggestions!!



pittsburghprepster said...

I was just looking at new bedding for my apartment! This would be perfect!

Lauren Geiger said...

This is just precious!!!! Love all of it! Good choice.

Town and Country Prep said...

How beautiful!

SKB said...

Love that bedding!

Preppy Wife Preppy Life said...

This is super cute!!!