Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I like to be corny so, yes, HOPPY EASTER! Today I'll be heading to Church early, and then getting the dinner ready for a big potluck I'll be going to later tonight. I am looking forward to celebrating with friends! I'm bringing a chocolate chip pie (recipe here) and a brussel sprouts and bacon dish that my mom made for Thanksgiving (example recipe here...I'm going to add garlic). Check out how good these look:
via Completely Delicious
via Food Network Kitchens (minus the nuts)

My mom sent me and my roommate a HUGE easter package! It was a fabulous box from the Easter Bunny and was so big that my apartment complex asked me to come pick it up because it was taking up too much space in the mailroom--I'm so lucky!! Thanks Momma! This is the first Easter that I haven't been home--yikes! Our little potluck will be a close stand in though!

Hoppy Easter y'all!


Caitlin C. said...

Just came across your blog - it's adorable! (I'm new at the whole blogging thing!) Just wanted to say happy Easter and those recipes are making my mouth water ;)

WhatMissLoves said...

nice :) we used the same picture of the eggs! I hope you had a great Easter!