Saturday, April 23, 2011

Handwritten Notes

I received the nicest of nice notes from BFF Annapolis sCe about two weeks ago. She knows exactly what to say to make me happy and is my venting friend. The two of us tweet/text/chat pretty standardly 24/7 and know what's going on all the time. She's so in tune with me and I hope she feels the same way about me. BUT back to her note. She used her adorable stationery and handwrote me a note. As I told her it came at the most unbelievable of times, I had been having a yucky week and then up popped this note. I could have cried (read: I cried) and she just has the best advice of anyone I know. Skyler--if and when you read this sorry it's getting mushy. She included a few quotes from:
He's Just Not That Into You

I just always forget about the impact of handwritten notes and letters. We decided yesterday at around 7pm that we're going to start a handwritten note correspondence. It's great practice and a great reminder to write notes more often. In her words, "The whole point of snail mail is to help unlearn instant gratification." We'll obviously still get to talk our normal ways, but the letters will hold little nuggets of gold in them. Mine had advice and a little metaphor (sCe you have NO idea what's coming...) and should get to her on Sunday. The original letter I sent was returned to sender (I'm lame...) because I wrote her wrong address. I am really looking forward to using some of my favorite stationery:

Two Christmases ago my Momma bought me all kinds of personalized stationery to take off with me to college. The first two are from Boatman Geller and the pink crab set is from Whitney English. I LOVE them so I only ever use them for the most important thank you's and notes. I have otherwise stocked up on the $1 section of Michael's when they came out with the Preppy Line. I have 6 unopened sets of foldover notes that I use for the typical thank you's or notes to my friends.

I know I try my best to write thank you notes to friends who give me gifts. I am proud of the fact that I gave thank you notes to every one of my friends who gave me a birthday present this year. I always add about 5 points to ANYONE's score who gives me a thank you. It is a HUGE HUGE HUGE addition to their score (does anyone else just do that for people?) of life. I very highly appreciate thank you notes even if it was for something small.

Do you write thank you notes consistently? Might you have a penpal already? Where do you get good stationery? I'm going to need ideas since we're starting to write lots of notes!!



Preppy Wife Preppy Life said...

I got a note from one off my BFFs too! Recently I was really stressed out with school. She sent it right before she went on a trip to Rome & it came while she was away. It was really great to receive it in the mail when she was gone. Even though she was in a different country she still had my back. <3

pittsburghprepster said...

Love Boatman Geller! This post is just lovely, you are blessed with amazing friends!

An Admiral's Perspective said...

During the time that I was being treated for cancer (chemo then radiation), one of 6 sisters would send me a handwritten note almost everyday! I looked so forward to going to the mailbox everyday especially when I really didn't want have to talk on the phone. When friends ask what they can do for someone battling cancer, I suggest they stock up on little notes and cards and do the same.

Skyler said...

I'm such a mush!! I just stocked up on some super silly and super awesome stationary and brainstormed some DIY ideas. Love this Katie!!! Ps I'm glad my mail is so special it will get delivered on Sunday! Haha

I love you too Katie and can't wait to get this penpal train rolling xx

Worthington said...

I am a huge fan of handwriting letters!

And your stationary is super cute, I love Boatman Geller

Jana said...

Those crab notecards are so cute!! I bought like 8 packs of seashell cards when Michaels had them a few years ago!!

Bo-Nan said...

I need to start! I'm so terrible about getting them out on time - I always seem to fall behind and then think its too late to send!