Friday, April 22, 2011

Banquet Time!

Wednesday night we had our big senior banquet to honor all of the hard work and hours committed to the University. It is an awesome ceremony that includes dinner, dessert and speeches given about all the seniors and then they get time to say whatever they want. We all got dressed up and looked great if I do say so myself! Our typical dress is like this:

We're decked OUT in Carolina gear, and are all donning our best garnet and black. Instead of our usual outfits, we all got dressed up:
Laura, me and Megan--all the new roomies for next year!
This was the bowtie brigade! Don't they look smashing?
Good friend AK went BIG for the banquet! Look at him rocking that seersucker! He's the president of one of the fraternities on campus too--quite the celeb!
These were all of our wonderful seniors that we must bide adieu to in about a week. So excited to see where they all end up, and couldn't be prouder to have them representing us! We have future lawyers, a future PhD candidate, hopefully a future Lilly intern, future architect, future sports psychologist, future writer and everything in between with them!!

I also LOVED my Kendall dress for the night! It was certainly cool enough for the HOT HOT HOT day we had earlier and still appropriate. I am thoroughly pleased with my choice!



Kori said...

Loving your dress! Your post would be perfect to link up for today's Fashion Friday's! If you want to link up, visit the blog, grab the button, add your link, leave a comment, and your linked! Have a fabulous Fashion Friday! Kori xoxo

Sarah Brooke said...

Your dress looks fantastic!