Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Abandon all hope, ye who gaze upon these pants..."

For any of you who didn't know, Brooks Brothers writes a wonderful blog called "Of Rogues and Gentleman" (for all my fraternity readers out there, you BEST start reading this ASAP.) I recieved many comments about these pants via Twitter (P.S. edit: most notably that from Miss Skyler Elizabeth inquiring why there hadn't been a post about these yet. Well  sCe, consider this YOURS. I moved it up a few days just for you!) and email. As a native Annapolitan and transplant South Carolinian, these pants are nothing out of the blue for me. I'm used to critters all over, various colors like you wouldn't believe and the shirts that match. A boy in colored chinos or critter pants already has my heart--cue swooning.

Here they are, the infamous "Go to Hell Pants":

They have critters--and for those of you who don't understand the idea of critters, we don't mean bugs; it's a collective term for small embroidered "critters" on preppy paraphernalia, like these:
The "critters" can be anything from whales to rowing oars to skull and cross bones to life preservers. The chinos can vary in color too. I've seen green, pink, khaki, white, you name it!

My favorite section of the Brooks Brothers post was toward the end of the post titled, "WHY YOU’D WEAR THEM":
Usually this would be a “where to wear them” section, but the wearer of go-to-hell pants is usually more concerned with “why” than “where.” That’s because, aside from the fact that wearing them is just plain fun, wearing go-to-hell pants can be treated as a game of style chicken with your friends. Except instead of going over a cliff in a ball of flames, you’ll be seen as the most daring dresser around.

...And I couldn't agree more!



Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

I appreciate these pants and the style they represent, but I have to say my southern beau wouldn't be caught dead in them. He's southern in the way of seersucker, but more camo than critter. I don't really care, because he pretty much rocks. But working at an SEC university, I see my share of these GTH britches. tee hee.

myfwbs said...

I love the critter pants! I've just about talked my hubby into getting a pair of them. It didn't hurt that one of our scuba buddies was wearing them on the dock the other day. I commented that he (hubs) needed a pair of them. His response, "I could wear that".

*crosses fingers*

pittsburghprepster said...

My boyfriend has two pairs of the Lobster pants...I am equally obsessed!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

I wish the Hubs would, but alas he just can't bring himself to do it! Wah Wah! But, he does a whole lot for me! Love those lobsters.

Mrs. Kindergarten

♡ bAs said...

Love these! I am lucky my fiancé will wear pretty much anything preppy.

Lily said...

The critter pants are adorable!

Lily @ wear chinos