Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Coming Home: A Playlist

I'm HOME HOME HOME! Finals are over. All of sophomore year is behind me! I have summer and junior year to look forward to! I jammed out to some great tunes on my way back but all the songs that had "home" in the title or lyrics found a special place on my list. Here are a few of my choices:

1. Home by Michael Buble

This was an obvious choice!

2. Turning Home by David Nail

This has been on many of my playlists recently! (DJ, check it here). It's a big favorite of mine. It's jumped into my top 100 most listened to songs quickly.

3. Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk
I added this after watching "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days". It's during a rather steamy shower scene, but the song is SO SWEET. It's been featured in a few other movies (I believe "The Notebook" AND "My Sister's Keeper" but don't quote me on that...). It's very heartfelt and I'm a fan.

4. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

Although I'm not from West Virginia, John Denver has a special place in my heart. As a little kid, my parents would play a John Denver tape (yep, a tape) if my sister and I needed to nap during car rides. I remember there was a song about his son too that we always listened to. Yawning just thinking about it...and I'm 20 years old...

5. Daddy's Home by Usher

You had to guess I was gonna throw a curveball into the mix. They're not ALL just crusin' songs. This is my pump-up song of ALL pump-up songs. Certainly "home" but not quite like the others...still made it though!

I put my iPod on shuffle and CRUISED all day long. My trip was almost exactly timed from 8-5...more like 8:30 to 4:56 but close enough. I made it home safe and sound--many thanks to everyone's tweets and kind thoughts about my safe travels. Y'all rock!



Jenna said...

That Michael Buble song is one of my favorites, and my ringtone for when my house calls me-- every time it rings and I know its my Mama, I smile :)

The Southern Housewife said...

Great list! Love that Michael B. song!