Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prom x 3

So this is the 3rd prom I've ever been a part of: MY junior year in '08, MY senior year in '09, and now MY SISTER'S this year! I can't believe she's already going to prom! She looked absolutely beautiful and grown up in this Lilly dress:
Yet another formal Lilly dress for the family! (This one was better than the one I wore...and the right length...cough cough Katie...)
Anyway, she looked awesome and better than I did at any of my proms (not fishing or a sob story, just a faaaahbulous fact about her prom!). I had tried to get home in time so I could get to her prom and my schedule worked out JUST SO that I could get back in time! My training and work situation worked literally seamlessly so I could get back just in the nick of time!!
This was the great group! 3 guy friends all went with my sister and her 2 girl friends! What a fun night for all 6 of them!
This was my sister and her date! Under her dress she had gold Jacks on just like her big sis. Looks like I might have started a trend (our neighbor wore a long Lilly to prom with Jacks too...#trendsetter #ifidosaysomyself)
Of course we had to take a sisters picture. She looks like a model! Might be submitting this to the Lilly facebook page soon...I had just come from work so I was all Lilly-ed out as well! 
This was at my junior prom...yikes! Oh the memories...

Has anyone else had prom yet? Did you wear Lilly? What is your DREAM dress?



Peachy Keen said...

She does look beautiful! And formal Lilly to proms?! That's a great trend to be a part of.

Victoria said...

amazing photos, they look really nice! so does your blog, be sure to visit mine

love victoria

Ashley said...

I love your sisters dress!!! Its so cute!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, Katie!!!!

Chrissy Yimei Ching said...

I absolutely love the dress! Such an interesting prom choice. I never would have thought of it but I wish I HAD DONE THAT AT MY PROM!! I am an absolute lilly-obsessed girl and love that dress :) Happy blogging