Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

My first full week of being home is just about coming to a close. Here goes nothin':

1. Thanks to the lady who came into the store from Augusta, GA. While we knew a bunch of the same people, she left me with lasting words after I used the cliche "What a small world!". She goes, "It is a small world. That's why I've taught my children to always be respectful because you never know who's around." Amen, Augusta lady. That is sincerely a lesson and phrase I will never forget.
2. Thanks to my store for taking me back. I work with seriously the BEST people in the world and have been looking forward to coming back to our Crabby Pink Palace for months.
3. Thanks to my family for welcoming me back with open arms, open hearts, and well, an open snack drawer.
4. Thanks to all the performers who sing Beach Music. It is full of good, funny, goofy messages and a light-heartedness that connects me with South Carolina and allows me a lot of freedom while I'm home. Talk about the best of both worlds.
5. Thanks to everyone who keeps telling me junior year was their favorite. I can't wait! 21st birthdays, really knowing your way around, not getting lost (or maybe getting lost more), roadtrips to away games, football season, the Navy-USC game, everything. I absolutely can't wait.
6. RE yesterday's post, thanks Amazon Prime. I appreciate a big ol' company who's willing to look out for college students. You're awesome...we'll take any kind of deal we can get.
7. Thanks to summer for being optimal reading time. I can't wait to see how many books I can read this summer. Contest: officially on. If there's anyone who'd like to take me on in a book reading contest, let me know. We can start it easily...
8. Thanks to while I was packing to not bringing any pants back home except white jeans. While some people may look at that as silly, it's a great reminder of the FABULOUS weather that's ahead of me. Bathing suit season, hit me with your best shot!
9. Thanks to all my home hot spots for still being there. Lemongrass, CPK, Downtown, Robeks, the Amish Market, City Dock, all of them. Nothing says home like a big iced Jamaican.
10. Thanks to all my favorite blogs. You know who you are. You keep me writing, seriously.


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