Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week has BLOWN by! I have a lot of thanking to do!

1. Thanks to Maryland for being my home. You've welcomed me with open arms despite all my trash talking and MD-hatin' I did last summer. For that I am sorry and thanks for taking me back. I look forward to repairing our relashe as soon as possible.
2. Thanks to the man in Barnes and Noble for judging me in the business section. While yes I may not look like your traditional business student, nor am I typically in the Economics section of any bookstore, but putting you in your place when I told you I was looking for "Nudge" made me extremely happy. As a worker in a bookstore, "You should never judge a book by its cover." #owned #sins
3. Thanks to Lilly Pulitzer for making clothes that do not fit me. If it weren't for your too tight pants, my bank account would be drained. For the first time, I love that you fit models are not my dimensions. This is the best problem to have as a broke college student.
4. Thank you to some rando country song I heard on the radio (now I know it's called 1,000 Faces by Randy Montana) for mentioning us wedding obsessed girls, "There’s debutantes, drama queens, glued-to bride magazines..."
5. Actually thank you to country music in general. It's like you're reading my mind. Props.
6. Thanks to my planner for being 18 months. We have been on a roller coaster together for this whole year. Let's make the last 7 months the best ever! BRING IT 2011.
7. Thanks to everyone in SC who has put up with me at home. My name is Katie and I miss y'all like CRAZY. Hit a sista up!
8. For anyone that knows me personally, they know I sleep with a frog. I've had him since 3rd grade. He is the best travel companion a girl could ask for. He's lumpy, and used to be covered in fleece, and smells like us. Thanks frog. (He, it's a boy, but he doesn't have a name. Nothing has stuck all these years.)
9. Thanks to my BlackBerry for finally updating. There must be something (besides rain) in the air here. And I love it! It's seriously like having a new phone! Anyone with a Curve 9330 has most likely had this for 4 months and it's old new but I am one happy girl!
10. Thanks to my iPod (hmm electronics trend much?) for almost being full. You come so close to capacity and yet I can still squeeze that perfect country song (or 5 or 6) on to you!


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