Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beach Bound: Books, Nooks, and Everything in Between!

Books are an absolute must have for me while I'm at the beach! Like I said a few days ago, I tend to get a little bored along the coastline because I'm not a good beach napper. There is decent people watching and I always laugh when the lifeguards signal each other from stand to stand. A million years ago when I was a little kid, we joked around that they were all putting in their lunch orders!
"I'll take a cheesburger, no mustard!"

Anyway since I like to hang out on the beach and manage my tan, I enjoy bringing books with me on my trips! I currently am reading 2 books (which is rare. I always read one and go onto the next one after I finish completely!) but they're very different. One is all about economics and why people make some of the decisions they make while the other is about a woman in South Carolina beginning to re-evaluate her life upon the arrival of her 46th birthday.
Nudge is my economics book that I mentioned. I'm about halfway through, but the information is pretty dense so it's not exactly pleasure reading. I'm learning SO much from it and I really enjoy econ. If you're interested in business/economics/reading as an undergrad, my professor from the spring semester made sure to tell us to check it out!
Lowcountry Summer is the second book I talked about! I knew I was going like this book when they said that the son in the novel went to the University of South Carolina along with his cousin! Obviously it's going to be a good read. I'm only twenty-some pages into this guy, but I'm excited to see what other SC references are in it!

Now I haven't quite jumped on the bandwagon of e-readers, but I'd definitely suggest these two books for download as well as The Art of Racing in the Rain, which I read earlier this summer. That was an easy read and would make a good beach book for sure! 

What summer reading have you done? Anything I have to add to my lists? Do you like to read on the beach or are you a napper? Let me know!



little miss southern love. said...

I love reading on the beach! Currently finishing the book for College Prep's book club.. 'The proper care and maintenance of friendship'. Next on the list is Mary Kay Andrews 'Summer rental'.


Little Miss Southern Love.

GirlTurnedPrep said...

How interesting Lowcountry summer is on my summer "to-read" list as well!! Guess I'm going to read that one next! Love your blog <3

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Low Country, too- Dorothea always has great characters with perfect Southern humor and culture - I'm a Yankee, but feel like a Southerner when I read Dorothea!

I'm a new follower, too!

Best Wishes,


Daniel said...

I'm reading the novel "The rules of attraction". Nice blog! Would like to have a hint on well written books with a lot of grammar that we usually mistake... :)