Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Bound: Goin' Costa!

In the words of the beach doctor himself, Kenny Chesney, I'm goin' coastal! About two weeks ago, one of my absolute favorite brands out there, Costa del Mar contacted me about their new line of sunglasses for ladies! Here are their newest 4 pairs:
As y'all know, I'm a huge fan of Costa del Mar! I have a pair of their larger sunglasses (I wish I known all these ones were coming out!) called "Isabela" in a tortoise frame! I'm LOVING those Hammock ones...I think Costa is channeling their inner Jackie O., right?! All these new glasses feature a bigger eye, a lightweight nylon frame and UV protection embedded in the lens. 

The "Little Harbor" mentioned above even has a design for Kenny Chesney--our man of the hour!
Good, UV blocking, polarized sunglasses are a MUST when heading to the beach! They make it easier to see, easier to read and just more pleasant to sit around and relax with! I'll be taking two pairs of glasses with me on my trip (and they typically travel in every bag with me too!):
My brand new Harpoon 580G on my fabulous new Lilly croakies!
My tried-and-true Isabela 400P glasses that I adore! This is a great pair for girls to check out if you're in the market for fashionable and great quality sunglasses! You can see how many times I've used them in my Polyvore sets--too many for Polyvore to show on one page! They live on a pair of pink Chums with teeny tiny palmetto trees on it!

Case in point, don't leave your house to go to the beach without great new sunglasses! Give my friends over at Costa some love! 

What are your favorite sunglasses? Do you have any Costa's that you recommend?



little miss southern love. said...

I love my costa's! I have the Isabella's and I love them but they are a few years old and I may be looking to upgrade to one of the new styles you mentioned!


Laurie said...

Hey, thanks for the great review on female Costas. We're fans of Isabella too. I'm looking forward to the Hammocks myself. :)
- Laurie,

Paige - Everyday Belle said...

hey Katie! I've read your blog for a while and recently made one of my own. You're from maryland, right? me too!!