Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recent Acquisitions!

I've had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket since CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it? I was able to hold out on a LILLY gift card for 6  entire months. I know, quite a feat for this prepster! I wanted to make it worth it's while, so I wanted to pay the least amount out-of-pocket as possible. After being SO impressed with this last summer shipment, I decided on TWO pieces to spend my card on:
What says Annapolis more than boatflags? Nothing...also these shorts do feature the Whiskey flag...
I also topped off my packed with the Wiley tube top. I LOVE THIS TOP! I'm also going to get it in white from the store I like it so much. It is really flattering and long enough for me to wear. I'm considering the navy as well. So versatile and you could easily throw a cardi on top of this for a complete look to toss it into fall!

Anyone else get anything from this nautical line? It's one of my favorites that they've introduced!!



Stu said...

I have to say, I love those shorts x

katelyn w said...

absolutely love the top!

Kionon said...

Go to hell shorts. Always appropriate for summer. I'd love a pair of those myself, if they were of an appropriately longer cut.

After a few years as a midshipman, I can even READ the flags.

melissa said...

I LOVE the Wiley tube top and have 3! The nautical callahans are darling too .. but haven't added them to my collection of callahans .. yet!
BTW .. I was just in Annapolis last weekend :)

Bethany said...