Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Saturday Playlist

Summer is gearing up and I haven't made a playlist in awhile! Saturday nights during the summer are prime time to do just about anything: sit and chat on the back deck, hang out by the pool, pop in a movie and snuggle, go out, eat a delish dinner, pick crabs, I could go on that case, here goes the playlist for the beginning of my summer!

To note: I've mostly been listening to "The Drifters" station on Pandora recently. That's my playlist BUT there's no good way to track do what I've been hearing on there. I find myself thumbs-up-ing everything!

(Miracles, see #3)

1. Oh, Tonight by the Josh Abbott Band: this is just a great all around song. Love it for driving, listening to while blogging and rockin' out to. Thanks to Miss Skyler for the heads up.
2. 1,000 Faces by Randy Montana: I heard this on the new country night on my local station. 93.1 WPOC plays a lot of new country and I love hearing it! This talks about the thousands of faces of sweet. Check out the music video too!
3. Miracles by Norwegian Recycling: This is from the "What's In My iPod" list from @CollegeTownLife on twitter. They featured a Memorial Day Weekend playlist and this is by FAR my favorite song on that list! It mashes up 16 songs...I had to look it up!
4. I Want Brooklyn Back by White Panda: another mashup. White Panda has an unmistakable formula...and whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. Give this baby a download and you'll rock out to it for summer. I'll never get sick of that Jackson 5 tune...toss in Jay-Z and you've got a summer JAM right there!
5. Ain't Nothin' Bout You by Taylor Swift: I featured this Brooks and Dunn cover on my facebook page a little while ago. Still love it from that B&D tribute concert that was televised awhile back!
6. Love Owes Me One by Ronnie Dunn: On that note of Brooks and Dunn, this is my favorite Ronnie Dunn solo song. It's not officially out until June 7, so check it out here on YouTube
7. Dancin' Shaggin' on the Boulevard by Alabama: My friend have to tell me to stop's becoming an issue. #sins I'm shagging in Maryland...I'll teach you...takers?
8. Somewhere Else by Toby Keith: I love this man. I love when this man puts out new songs. Downloaded? Immediately. 
9. Dirt Road Anthem by Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert: YES, THIS IS THE REAL ONE. "Jack and Jim were a few good men..." always reminds me of the quote from Coyote Ugly too.
10. When the Sun Goes Down in Georgia by Corey Smith: Corey somehow always makes the list. This has been a feature in the past, and I still love it. Always has a little spot in my heart!
11. Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer by Billy Currington: Nothing says summer quite like this!
12. Rain is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan: Again, I never really get sick of this song. I was browsing my Summer 2010 playlist because the CD that was in my car bit the dust. I played it too much, almost everyday, gave it to too many people to copy, and ran that guy into the ground. Miraculously though, I didn't delete the playlist...what good foresight I had!
13. Shark in the Water by VV Brown: Nothing quite says "Degrassi the Boiling Point" like this song, and I probably heard it 8,000 times last summer but it's catching on again. My sister informed me I've been singing about 20% of the lyrics wrong, so it's almost like a new song, right?
14. On the Street Where You Live by Willie Nelson: You KNEW I was gonna bring out a classic. I can't help but smile when I hear this!
15.  Coastal by Kenny Chesney: Really this song is just a stand-in for every single single on Hemingway's Whiskey. Also how can you not LOVE a CD named "Hemingway's Whiskey". Basically I love all the songs and this one is just so happy and summery! Catch a marlin, catch a tan, catch a local cover band...



Sarah Wyland said...

You've got some awesome choices! I heard "1,000 Faces" last summer when Randy came into the company I was interning for and played it acoustic in our studio. I fell in love with it way back then. Such a pretty song. I love the video as well.

Kristin said...

love your playlist! gave me some new tunes to add to my ipod. =)