Friday, June 10, 2011

Sale Success!!

Considering I had no idea what to expect in this year's sale, I was excited to see what it had in store! We went to it the first day but wanted no part in the waiting around for the doors to open with all the 5AM-ers. We leisurely got up, picked up Miss Skyler and headed to Pennsylvania around 8:30 and hit the convention center around 11. After 45 very quick minutes in line, we made it in! The three of us (my sister, Skyler, and  me obviously) had been peering in, scoping it out and picking a plan of attack. Do we stay together? Do we split up? How will we try things on? All necessary questions to be answered at that kind of event. These customers do not joke around! We shopped around for about 45 more minutes and reconvened to try things on. The line for the fitting room was INSANE! Instead we found a spot along a wall where everyone else was trying things on. No shame, we all tried on our items slightly shielding ourselves, slightly checking out what everyone else was trying on. We tried on tons of stuff and since we were in our own make-shift fitting room solely relied on each other to say what things looked like. Nixing about 3/4 of our bags full of Pink and Green treats, we all narrowed it down to our purchases! Here's what I managed to scoop up:

Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Steals!

I was pretty excited! We all then headed over to checkout where we ran into Mr. Pink and Green himself, Scott who was directing everyone to 1 of 30 or so checkout registers. We promptly headed to register #2 and checked out, making some smalltalk with the WONDERFUL workers at the sale! They were so chipper and friendly for being there since 4:30am! I couldn't believe it, I would have been famished! They helped us grab all our items and see us out.

All in all we had a wildly successful day and each of us walked away with a few new wardrobe additions! What did y'all get? What times did you go, and what how long did you have to wait in line?

Good luck to everyone going on days 2 and 3!!



Annie said...

I just posted about my recap! I was there bright and early - #318 in line! :)

Sarah Brooke said...

We got in line around 9 and into the sale at 9:45. It was my first time going and I loved it! I'll be back!

Kelly said...

I have the finn shift in navy and I love it! I wear it all the time - part of me wishes I had gotten it in multiple colors!

Morgan said...

I am so jealous you went as well as all your finds! I hope yo go next time! Glad you had fun!


little miss southern love. said...

Looks like you found a lot of great stuff! I hope to go one year. It's a very long trip from FL though.