Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Pins via Pinterest

Anyone who's made the Pinterest transition knows I've been pinning up a storm! I go from this board to that board to every other board to repinning and liking so much! It tends to get out of hand sometimes, but I just love the live element of the inspiration board. I'll never forget any of it! Here are a few of my favorite weddings pins:

And last but certainly not least, my favorite:

All of these images can be found on my Wedding board on Pinterest! Need an invite? Leave a comment with your email address that you check most often OR shoot me an email and I'll get y'all on the bandwagon!


(P.S.: On both of my tests this week I got A's! I have to brag a little bit, I'm SO proud!!)


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I have said forever that I am wearing a starfish or a seahorse brooch in my hair when I get married! Love it! I also love that monogrammed veil, how classy!

Jennifer L. Duncan said...

Oh my goodness! Monogrammed suspenders and veils are too perfect! Why have I never thought of that?!

Barbecued Peaches said...

I just got married in April. I joined Pinterest in May. I have to say, I love it but I'm really glad I wasn't on it while planning my wedding! I would have never been able to decide on anything.

frill seekers gifts ~ tales by the sea said...