Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Where did last week go? Well, here's another weekly roundup!

1. Thanks to the GAMECOCKS for giving us such a fun College World Series to be a part of for the second year in a row! #LEHGO #WINGO So. Many. Tweets. Last. Night. 
2. Thanks to my summer classes TO ALMOST BEING OVER!
3. Thanks to Miss Hey Hey Holly for being oh so patient with me and my crazy life. TEiWIaVD. Amen.
4. Thanks to no one being in my house yesterday so I was allowed to sleep in and not feel bad about it at all. Noon lounging anyone? This girl.

5. Thanks to the FABULOUS trip Mom and I went on on Saturday. We were tourists for the day in DC, went on a double decker bus and everything! It was a blast and if anyone was following me on Twitter, I checked in way way way too many times!
6. Thanks to Emma at work slightly being my enabler and slightly helping me realize that I don't need a lot of the things I want at the store.
7. Thanks to everyone I've Skyped with this week! It has been so much fun girl talking and catching up with everybody! I've missed you all so much!
8. Thanks to my iTunes for making awesome suggestions for music for me to download recently! Who knew--maybe there is something to those crazy Ping suggestions!
9. Thanks to ALL the facebook and Twitter updates about all the #CWS (College World Series). Each time a game ends my face lights up reading what everyone is saying about the games! It is so exciting to finish strong and see it all play out...still!
10. Thanks to Scott Wingo. Y'all know what I mean!


Ashton said...

Goooooo Cocks!! I can't get enough of these guys. One of my friend's tweeted last night that the Carolina baseball team is harder to get rid of than Stephen Garcia.

One more win!

Holly said...

Haha you're too sweet. I'm not sure how I would survive this crazy life/summer without ya... And totes rooting for the Gamecocks in the CWS.. my second favorite school obvs.

pittsburghprepster said...

GO COCKS! (Until they play Navy...September 17th in Football)