Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stand Tall

Being a tall girl has some perks, seeing over people in a crowd, finding your family in big groups of people, good driving visibility, and being able to help people in the grocery store. It has it's pitfalls too, hard to find clothes, being taller than most of the boys, wearing big shoes, having to buy bigger-sized winter coats, you get the idea.

Some times hearing all the "Did you play basketball?" and "How tall ARE you?" gets a little old. I just stumbled upon this little bracelet of confidence by Kate Spade as part of their "Idiom" line:


I love the bracelet and the little giraffe print--tall and cute! I just love this mini-homage to my fellow tall girls out there, kudos Kate Spade!!



Elizabeth said...

Those bracelets are so cute! Love the orange one. Great post! I'm barely 5'2 but I would love to get one of those anyway :)

Skyler said...

hiiiiiiii i totes relate. xoxo.

ShortBlonde said...

Nice to know that people on the other end of the height spectrum have their troubles too! I'm 5'0, my whole blog revolves around my trouble finding well-fitting clothes. :( Seems like if you're not average either way, there's issues with fit. That's great that you're proud of your height, confidence makes all the difference!

hEl said...

Such a cute post...and bracelet! I'm the opposite; at 5'0" (on a good day), but I do understand the annoying comments you get. I'm so sick of hearing "Eeeeeee you're sooo little can I pick you up" (No, you can't), "so...are you legally a midget?" (also no), and, since I'm from MD, the ever popular "You should coxswain!!!! What? You prefer basketball?" Because of that, I vowed never to ask a tall person how the weather is up there or if they play basketball. Not cool!

New England Prep said...

I'm not too tall, at 5'8 but those bracelets are still cute!!