Saturday, July 23, 2011

Celebrations! Celebrations!

Tonight we're celebrating my Mom's 50th birthday with a party at the Naval Academy! We are so excited! All us girls will be in Navy/Blue Lilly dresses and my dad will probably be in "boy uniform"of a polo and khakis. We are so excited and have been looking forward to this night for awhile! My sister designed the invites which are too cute! This is the outside of the FABULOUS facility:
Just so you can picture where we'll be celebrating!
This is the outside from the ribbon-cutting ceremony! We won't have those ugly chairs outside since it's tonight!

We will be listening to this:

Momma's wearing this:
And she'll obviously be the belle of the ball!

I am SO excited for tonight!! We ordered a fabulous cake that I cannot wait to see and I would describe it more BUT Momma's an avid reader so I don't want to spoil the surprise :) Check my Twitter for some pictures as soon as I see it after work!!

Woo hoo party time!!!


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Have fun!!

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