Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dorothea Benton Frank

Y'all, I love to read. I've said this before a million times, but this summer I've been able to really get into a few books and have most recently (meaning in the last 6-ish days) found such a fun writer: Dorothea "Dot" Benton Frank! On my second to last day at the beach I finished this book, Lowcountry Summer and definitely recommend it! Sweetly southern, fun, and a quick read, this book had everything I wanted to read about during the summer...AND made me majorly crave fresh biscuits and be back at Carolina!

I connected so much with the characters, most of which hail from Charleston, and some even go to USC! Dot often writes about Columbia, Charleston, Folly Beach and a few other South Carolina hot sports! All the titles are different places in South Carolina or topics related to SC. Everytime I would read about USC I'd flat out squeal on the beach. This writing reads just like she's talking to you with funny asides and comments about characters.

Two days ago I started Bulls Island and I'm about 90 pages in. This one is far more dramatic but still has a lot of the charm and wit that Lowcountry Summer had too! Momma found it hardcover for just $7 while we were at the beach and I wasn't about to let it go! We also picked up another book, but it immediately took the backseat to Dot book #2! 

Ever read a DBF book? I'm a new fan but can't WAIT to read more!!



Tallahassee Belle said...

Those books sound amazing and I'll definitely have to check this author out. I'm always in search of new books to read, especially with my family's annual beach vacation just around the corner. Nothing says "paradise" more to me then reading a book on the beach!!


Anonymous said...

Hi - I love Dorothea - I finished her LowCountry about a month ago - great read.
I'm originally from New England living in South Florida now. Her novels give me a great sense of being from the South - and her humor is the best!

Thanks for sharing---

Ashton said...

Love DFB! Check out Pawley's Island and Shem Creek next. Another great SC writer is Steve Brown, Carolina Girls. This book is a very quick read and has some USC references. You will love it!

Lily said...

great summer reading suggestions! I've never read anything from Ms. Frank but will definitely check her out for my Maine vacation in August.

I cannot WAIT to lie in the sand and soak up some rays with a good book :)

Carolina On My Mind said...

I have been looking recently for new reads and these just sound fabulous! I'm living in Charlotte and have made a few trips down to Charleston and I'm in love. I now and dying to live in Charleston! Can't wait to check these out!

Jessica said...

I love reading her books! They're easy beach reads. I think Pawley's Island is my favorite of her books. Lowcountry Summer is actually the sequel to Plantation!

EmilyMichele said...

She is one my favorite authors! You need to read 'Plantation' soon! It was her first book and the prequel to Lowcountry Summer!