Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Just Another Manic Mani..."

This is my newest nail color, Essie's "Chastity"!

I decided on this color when I got my nails filled earlier this week. I was looking at this color and then I picked up another bottle of Essie polish and low and behold they were the same color! I took that as a sign to pick it and got my nails done!

This color is quite the chameleon! In some lights it looks a little like an Easter egg color...what does that remind anyone of? Anything. Well anytime someone days "color" and "Easter egg" in the same phrase, I always think of this scene in Grease:
"Why Frenchie, your hair's the color of an Easter egg!!" (Grease is among my favorite movies of all time...)

Anyway, "Chastity" seems to change color with every different outfit and different lighting I seem to be in. On Saturday night my sister was even like, "OOh, your nails look so good with your dress!" as if I had changed them just that day! It's kinda fun to see what they'll look good with! This manicure wasn't as good as the one I RAVED about a few weeks ago but it seems to be holding up just as well and staying shiny which is all that really matters!

Ever worn a nail color that seems to spontaneously change with your outfit?! It's pretty cool!!



Elizabeth said...

Haha I love Frenchie from Grease!! That color is so cute, too. Whenever I wear Essie's Mint Candy Apple it seems to change with the outfits I wear. Maybe it's an Essie thing!
xo, E

Carolina On My Mind said...

I love the reference to Frenchie. Grease is one of my favorite movies! I love the the color of this Essie polish!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Chastity is one of my favorites! I usually do Chastity on toes and French Affair, Fiji, or Gucci Muchi Pucci on my fingers.

Lori said...

Love this pink!!

Preppy Buckeye said...

Thanks for the nail polish color! I'm always looking for the perfect pink to go with my Lilly :)