Friday, July 29, 2011

Jetset Jammin'

Me and Colleen (my lovely host up in Cape Cod) at Relay for Life, this is one of our FAVORITE pictures ever together!

So in preparation for all my travels this week, I've been busy cleaning (maybe), packing (sorta), and getting excited for VACATION! I have almost fully neglected myPod, but I'm working on a travel playlist!!

1. Vacation by the Go-Go's: Obvious pick, easy, fun vacation song!
2. Coastal by Kenny Chesney: Because y'all, I'm GOIN' COASTAL!
3. Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift: What's a good vacation with out T-Swift? Plus I'm loving the resurgence of her newest single!!
4. Loverboy by Billy Ocean: This one's for Ca-lean...she'll know why.
5. My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean: Vacation IS my kinda party. Riiiight?
6. Cheesburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffet: Really, what's a vacation playlist without Jimmy? Come on!
7. Good Life by OneRepublic: Usually they sing such sad songs but this one is upbeat and lively and perfect for sitting on the beach or by the lake!
8. Bring 'Em Out by T.I.: I am, after all, going to watch some baseball games while I'm in the Cape and this is my ABSOLUTE favorite pregame-team-runs-into-playing-arena song. "Bring em' out, bring 'em out!"
9. Dancin' in the Moonlight by Toploader: I just love this song and it's on oh-so-many of my playlists! Certainly adding such a fun song to a jetsetting playlist!!
10. Hey Daddy by Usher: This is yet another song for me and Miss Colleen--our fave!

Any great songs for a trip? I'm up for suggestions!!



Elizabeth said...

Great song picks, we have really similar taste in music. Have fun in the cape!
xo, E

Tallahassee Belle said...

great playlist!! got to love the jimmy buffett!!


little miss southern love. said...

Love this playlist!


little miss southern love. said...

Love this playlist!


Stu said...

Great playlist, I love that I already have most of the tracks, so I have made it a playlist on my pod.

You should post more playlists :)