Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Endless Summer Summer Sale

This Lilly Pulitzer sale was among the best I've seen before! There was a TON of inventory, fun surprises and great deals to be found! Did you get anything?

Here are some of my favorites and picks for best deals:
Abella Dress (I was surprised to see this again!)
Blake Dress
Eve Dress
Finn Shift (How great is this in navy?!)
Harper Dress
Jonah Dress
$39 Murfee Scarves? That's better than the Warehouse sale!!
They even tossed in some McKims too!
And even table cloths!! Did any of y'all get one?

Did you get any great deals? Snag any steals? Fill me in!!!!!

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Emily said...

Love the navy dress - navy is everywhere this season!

xx Emily @

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Love all your purchases. I posted mine on my blog! I was so excited about the Murfees too!

Anonymous said...

I've been dyinggg for a Murfee scarf so I was so happy to score one for $49! Much easier on my wallet than $118!! :)

little miss southern love. said...

Love all your goodies! I got the jillie, the shauna, the lu, and a fresh catch murfee!


Anonymous said...

I was sooooo excited to get a tablecloth!!!! You can see my other goodies on my blog :) Loved the sale!!! hope you are settling in at school! xoxo,


Amanda Attempts said...

I bought two dresses, but really loved the Finn Shift...unfortunately they were sold out in my size :( Still thrilled with my two dress purchase that only cost $125!

Legally Brunette Kate said...

I stocked up on murfees...I've had my eye on a few and the prices were too good!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy with my purchases! I got the pink & green Vera Tunic Silk dress, Sutton top, and a Murfee Scarf in Multi Stemina.. I also got a few cute things not on sale that I couldn't resist! I wanted the Jonah dress so bad but I didn't order in time to get my size!!


Morgan Anne said...

The Abella Dress is gorgeous but when I got on they were all gone :( Check out my blog and see what I bought!


Kate said...

I'm sad I missed the tablecloths! I picked up 3 pairs of shorts