Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace

Everyone knows about a week ago I was at a crazy, huge family reunion after I went to the Cape! One of the days is devoted to a Ladies' lunch at a local place each reunion. Last year, one of the cousins was nice enough to host all the ladies of the family at her lake house and we had DELISH sandwiches from a local bakery. This year we ate at a local bed and breakfast in Lovell, ME.
These are some of the wonderful ladies in the family! Three generations are represented here!

While we were at lunch, we were all admiring one of the girls necklaces! You can actually see it, front row, girl in the black tank top and with shorts RIGHT in the center. It's a clear-ish necklace with a cluster of beads and a thinner strand of beads going around to the back. We got into hearing more about the necklace and for that family of girls, there were 12 of them and they all chipped in $100 and each girl gets the necklace for a month during the year!!
The style was similar to this necklace but everything was clear!

After getting the wonderfully fun history of their necklace, I heard it was from a custom designer in Charleston so I piped up even more. Wanting to hear more to check it our for myself, Nancy told me if was from Felice Designs and so I typed it in my phone to remember it for sure! I checked a bunch more out (the necklace above is Felice Designs!) and they are all so much fun! Full of glass beads, they are such a statement piece!
I love the touches of pearls in this one!
How pretty are those beads!! Pair them with a white shirt and green shorts and you've got an automatic outfit!
Does your school have orange in it's colors? This would be ideal for Gameday!!

Have a fun story like a traveling necklace in your family? Please share!! It's such a fun idea, and one I certainly want to tuck away for my own little family!!



Emily said...

That's so sweet that they are all sharing the necklace, how fun!

xx Emily @

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I would love to do something like that with my friends who are all living far apart now!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How cute that they rotate the necklace! I love that idea.


Emily said...

those necklaces are so cute! easy to spice up an outfit with that!

Love and Lilly said...

What a fun idea! That sounds like a tradition that would be great to carry on with college friends after graduation (especially if the necklace was in your school's colors)!