Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big News!

So awhile ago, I tweeted about a big chance I had taken. I didn't know where it would be going and I think my tweet startled a lot of people (including my Mom and sister Grace). I promised y'all that it was a good thing but didn't spill any deets besides that!

I didn't really tell anyone what I was doing, I just asked for a few extra prayers and good thoughts on my behalf! I must say thank you to everyone who said me friendly tweets and even inquired about what I was doing! Your happiness was contagious and I'm SO excited to finally tell you!

I  have officially booked my first runway show, working with Columbia Style Week in June! This was a two-part deal though too. I also applied to walk in the runway shows affiliated with Charleston Fashion Week. I made it through the application round and will be going to the audition in a few weeks!
I won't know about Charleston Fashion Week for a few more weeks but I was so excited to have made it to the second round! I applied for both of these totally on a lark and had zero expectations of what could happen! Never in a million years did I think I'd book one and get to the second round of another!

I just wanted to thank everyone including ALL my Twitter followers, Bayside Bride, Natalie Franke Photography, good friends and family, and all you lovely readers for all your encouragement and excitement for me! Here's to a VERY exciting couple of weeks!!



Kindra said...

congrats! how fun!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...


Peachy Keen said...

How exciting! Congrats and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that is *huge*! Congratulations!

Sending you a smile,

Southern Charm said...

Katie this is wondeful news! So excited for you :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That's so amazing- congratulations! So excited for you!


Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! Good for you!

Cigar Heiress said...

Congrats! That is amazing! You should be proud. FUN!

Summer Wind said...

Congratulations!!!!! That sounds like so much fun!!!! Good luck with the rest of your interview/try out!!!!!!! You will be fabulous!