Friday, October 14, 2011

The Mini Clip

I am a clip girl. Part is growing up in the 90's, part is me hating having hair in my face. Either way you juice it, I'm a clip girl. 

I use two sizes of clips. These are the mini Mini Clip. I take the front part of my hair (parted on the right side--my Momma always taught me a middle part points straight to your nose) and pick up the left side with all the hair and pin it back.

I have SUPER thick hair, and I can never use bobby pins. I always liked Lauren Conrad's X-pinned hair but 2 pins was NEVER enough for my luscious locks, so I use these clips.

This photo is from our intern shoot for Bayside Bride but it's one of the clearest ones of how I tend to do my hair. As you can see, my very far side part with the side with all the hair pinned up with the clip. I don't use any products or anything to secure it further, and it usually stays for a few hours. If there is a lot of hair flipping or absent-minded hair fixing, I'll have to readjust the clip but usually it's decent.

Do you have a go-to hair do? Do share! Any good ideas for a girl who can't use bobbys?



me said...

I do the same thing with my hair, except I use alligator clips, but now I'm going to try the mini clips!

OC516 said...

My hair is super thick too! Bobby pins NEVER work but this is a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

westofprep said...

I have thick hair too! Once my friend told the children we were mentoring that I had so much hair because it was full of secrets. I always go to a braided hair style. Two braids leading back, secured with a small hair elastic and then a ribbon tied around to make a bow.

Heather said...

My hair conundrum (and now my daughter's, too) is slippery, skinny, straight hair. We have "baby hair" and we never grow out of it. Hair elastics, barrettes, even clips all slide right out of our hair. Ever try a barrette?

Her Preppiness said...

Great solution!!!