Thursday, November 17, 2011

Campus Prayers

Being on a college campus, you hear about all kinds of rumors and different scares that happen on college campuses near and far. I have a lot of college-aged followers and so I get a special glimpse and what happens across the country. As I've seen, there have been a lot of pretty scary things going on on different campuses so I'd like to keep a few different schools in mind:

James Madison University

East Carolina University

University of Alabama

Do you know anyone who goes to these schools? 

Let's all keep them each in our thoughts and prayers!



Megan said...

I have several friends who have attended ECU (plus my father!) but they graduated several years ago. Nonetheless, it is very scary whenever you hear of a situation especially when it hits close to home.

kelseaf said...

This post really hits home being a Hokie. I felt out of the loop with no media coverage about ECU but prayers go out to all schools.

Barefoot and Preppy said...

My best friend goes to JMU and a couple girls from my high school go to ECU! One of the girls from ECU was able to take pictures of the incident and keep twitter updates to inform people what was happening!

Worthington said...

I've heard that people freaked at ECU when it was just a hunter heading through town. That's pretty sad. They just saw the guy with a gun in his car is what I heard, which isn't illegal. I am glad they are playing it safe though.

I would think that Penn State would be first on this list. I think of those students who idolized their football staff and it has exploded in their faces. I feel terribly for them.

The JMU situation is so upsetting, I cannot understand how that even happened and it is very sad.

UVA has a slightly trivial but historic problem occurring. The school wants to uproot and destroy the magnolia trees that are around the historic rotunda. Dozens of students have petitions out as that would completely alter the landscape of UVA!!

Good thoughts today- college kids are fragile and need to be remembered just like anyone else.

Jackie Sue said...

I go to ECU. Turns out the gunman was just a student was walking through the downtown area (right next to campus) with an UMBRELLA that looked like either a shot gun or some type of rifle. 2 seperate witnesses called it in and campus was put on lockdown. Due to facebook & twitter, rumors were spread that the gunman was holding hostages in a building on campus. They also spread rumors that the gunman was holding hostages on a bus downtown. We had police running around with assault rifles, snipers, and a swat team. Buildings were evacuated and everyone was very scared! Luckily it was a false alarm! I'm just glad that ECU's police force was so strong & quick to act! It makes me feel very safe!

Belle Amour said...

This is SUCH a sweet post!! I go to JMU and we have had a total of 5 or 6 Dukes taken from us just this past semester, one was a very good friend of mine. I think it is so important for all campuses to come together when tragedies happen, and it's so wonderful to know that support comes from all over. Thank you so much for showing your support <3