Wednesday, November 16, 2011

College Clothing Alternatives

Just yesterday a facebook friend of mine posted a list of "Alternatives" to VERY collegiate looks (you know, "Norts", Uggs, Vera Bradley...) and I didn't really like their items. I thought they were too much of a departure from the original looks! Here are my choices to eliminate all the repeats walking around on campus:
Go from Uggs to Riding Boots
Any time it's appropriate to wear Uggs, I promise it will be equally appropriate to wear riding boots. You can tuck them into jeans, wear jeans over them and they'll keep you warm!
Switch it up from a North Face Denali Fleece to a Pea Coat
Pea coats come in just as many colors as North Face Denali Fleeces do and some are even insulated for extra warmth! You can find wool ones that will be even warmer than just a simple fleece.
I beg you to swap Norts for Anything Else
You can wear skirts, printed shorts, jeans, ANYTHING ELSE! I don't hate Norts at all, I'm actually wearing them now, as I type. But I'm getting ready to go to bed. I wear Norts as PJ's, not to class. I don't understand the Norts-to-class phenomenon! It is just as easy to put on real clothes as it is to put on Norts!!
Try instead of a Vera Bradley Wristlet going for a heartier Leather Wristlet
Both my roommate and I freshman year had Vera Bradley wristlets, everyone did! It was so easy to pop your Carolina Card out of the plastic pocket and store everything we needed in them. However, they show dirt like CRAZY! And everyone has one, so while you might be the only one with your pattern, everyone has the same style! Try a leather wristlet that will last longer, stay nicer looking, and has the same ease of use that the VB one has!

Do people on your campuses have all these things? Do you see them everywhere? I sure do!!!



Emily said...

Absolutely love this - but sometimes I do like to wear my UGGs with "bad outfits" so I can save my riding boots for when I'm actually attempting to look good!

xx Emily @

Anonymous said...

Hahah I love this-- so perfect! Uggs + Northface really is the college girl uniform, and I love your alternatives!

Mrs.S said...

Uggs are the greatest=).
Im a new follower...Xo

Bethany said...

A pea coat is so much more polished than a jacket. Love your choices.

PS I work at a high school and my kids wear the same uniform!

Barefoot and Preppy said...

I own two pairs of UGGs and I will NEVER wear them to class..nope! I will wear them as slippers around the house or if I have to run to the store really quick! I am always seeing girls around campus in sweat pants, uggs, and their drives me nuts!!


Carolina On My Mind said...

I love this! It is a lot easier to look "nice" than people say it is all about choices! I've definitely transitioned from NF to pea coats!

Skyler said...

my fave norts substitutes: lilly callahan shorts, jcrew 3in chino shorts (1 size too big)and tennis skirts.

also, hoodies are for hangovers and home. i love hungover brunch more than anyone, but trade up for a shawl collar popover a la jcrew.

finally, i've never owned a pea coat, but i have a couple quitted jackets from lands end in brights and neutrals - great!

love, sky

Sarah Brooke said...

This is so funny! I'm not in college anymore but I am in law school and it's funny how all of those things I wore in college (Uggs, North Face, Norts) I've now traded for the more grown up equivalent in law school.

Allie Co. said...

Love this! Definitely guilty of the whole "Norts Phenomenon"...Thankfully my job as a tour guide requires us to look nice (no workout clothes or sweatpants)! :)

Allie @

Miss Lindsay said...

Sadly I graduated years ago... but these things were all the norm when I was on campus. Not much has changed I see!!

SHF said...

I love your alternatives! I'm so tired of seeing sloppy-looking clones on campus! That being said, nothing beats a pair of UGGs when it's absolutely freezing out!


Portuguese Prepster said...
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Kail said...

Where did you find those riding boot on the very left? They are absolutely adorable & I'm dying for some new riding boots for Christmas!

Kail said...
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Tine said...

These are awesome tips! BU girls need to read this post! Can you please forward this to Boston? Someone needs to clean the New England city streets of all the Northfaces and Uggs! I always find great riding boots and belts at this small boutique in Palm Beach called Elegante Polo clothing store, they offer La Martina and Vicomte A (some brands that Pippa Middleton also rocks). They also have an online store, I love looking at the styled model photos that they put together. The girls are always so well put together.

Cathy Anderson said...

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