Thursday, November 10, 2011


I seriously think my apartment has had more visitors this semester than any other or all others combined! It's so much fun to be the college that everyone roadtrips to and that they come to for games!!
See that bottom row? I'm on the left, and the rest of the bottom row, we'll they're on their way to visit me! Us three are the oldest of all the cousins and both Ryan and Samantha have now graduated college!

Samantha is in the middle and Ryan is on the right! They are both en route from New York to come to Columbia to the USC/Florida game! 

I can't remember the last time that Ryan, Samantha and I were all in the same place so it should be a fun time to have some visitors! 

I'm looking forward to a mini-family reunion!



Vy Barto said...

I love family visitors!!!! We have one right now too! Have a great time!!!
xoxo- Vy

Portuguese Prepster said...

sounds like so much fun!!!

Melon said...

I'm heading to Columbia for the USC-UF game. What are the must do's in Columbia on your list after the game?