Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colder Weather

Every week as I either get ready for class or work at the store, I always tune in to watch the Today Show! I like Matt, Money 9-1-1, the Friday concerts and even Hoda and Kathie Lee. Sometimes they can be kinda annoying, but sometimes they're fun!
One time I did like them was the day Hoda introduced us to "Colder Weather" by the Zac Brown Band!

It describes my trek back up North to a tee! I could feel it during my drive get colder and colder and colder until today when I was a PREPSICLE! (I can't take credit for that one though, I wish! A girl I went to high school actually called me that!)

At one of my stops near the exit to Boone, NC, I even saw my breath!!!! I got out of the car in yoga pants, sneaks, and a long sleeve t-shirt to get gas and nearly FROZE! Quite the homecoming for this girl who wore shorts to her Friday final. Craziness!

What's the weather like for you at school vs. at home? Just like me? Totally the opposite?



Anonymous said...

Boone is where I go to school! It is always cold here! I love that someone called you a prepsicle! How cute!!!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

I love this song so much! It's a perfect fit for me as well-- my boyfriend goes to school at Furman and I'm at Ohio State. Hope you're enjoying break! :)

Hollysaur said...

Totally opposite! I go to school in Vermont and live in Virginia so I just have two seperate wardrobes!

Jeannie said...

My school is only 30 minutes from my house so the weather is basically the same, but I save all my super cute clothes when I on breaks with my friends from home! They always appreciate a great outfit!