Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Me

The summer before my freshman year of college I worked for a dermatologist and did a ton of research about Malignant Melanoma. My research was specifically all about how to reach high schoolers and college students about the importance and severity of Malignant Melanoma. This video on behalf of the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund is by far the best video on MM I've ever seen:

Y'all can watch it here! I'm trying to show as many people as possible since this video is targeting a significantly younger audience than most cancer videos. Thanks for watching!



southern_shell_bell said...

this is great! but it did make me tear up!

Morgan McCord said...


Thanks for sharing! I shared this with my entire sorority and posted it on my facebook page. This is so important!!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing-- thank you so much for sharing!