Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ol' Chap-py

There are a multitude of reasons I don't really like winter. The obvious: it's cold. The not so obvious: everything GET SO DRY. I always seem to forget that. My hair gets dry and static-y, my skin gets dry and my lips get so chapped! Thankfully the wind isn't too bad at school, but at home since we're so close to water 99% of the time, it can get pretty windy too.

One of my absolute favorite, cannot go without is chapstick! I've tried a few and Burt's Bees is a great go-to. It's tried-and-true, works every time and makes your lips all tingly. A new favorite of mine is the Eos brand! I have the strawberry daiquiri flavor and summer fruit flavor and I've gotten my two at Ulta and Target respectively.

They're really funny, egg-shaped domes of chapstick but they are AWESOME! My favorite is the Strawberry flavor, but my sister swears by the mint one! I'm not quite ready to trade in my BB mint one yet, but I'm willing to give this one a chance for sure.

Have y'all ever tried these? Do you love them as much as me? I just HAD to share them with y'all if you haven't had a chance to check them out yet!!



Southern Charm said...

Oh my, this is the only chapstick I'll buy! I love love love it!! I have about worn out my strawberry, so good, and yesterday the beau's mom bought me the summer fruit for a Christmas present, yay! I've tried all but mint. When summer comes, I def recommend the yellow one, its got the sunscreen built in! :-)

Portuguese Prepster said...

I have a chapstick problem. In my purse currently I have Burts Bees, Elizabeth Arden, Khiels, and probably something else! Sadly now I'll probably try this too!

Hannah said...

One of my friends has all sorts of these and swears by them. I've got them tucked in all of the girls' stockings for Christmas! Can't wait to try mine!

Ky said...

LOVE this stuff!!!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE these! I have the same one as you, and I gave my friend one for our secret santa! They're the perfect stocking stuffer :)

miss mal said...

I LIVE for my lemon Eos!!!