Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OOTD: Christmas Eve

December 24

In my house, the way Christmas works is that we do Christmas Eve mass at 6, dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and then have all day on Christmas to lounge around and cook our Christmas dinner. We get really dressed up for Christmas Eve Mass and spend all day Christmas pretty much in our jammies! I wore this dress that I LOVE for Mass with sheer black tights from Target and heels that I just got from Nordstrom Rack. (LOVE N-Rack! So many good finds there if you're willing to look!) I added my cream colored quilted Lilly coat which worked well since it wasn't too too cold for Christmas Eve!

Thankfully we didn't get any snow or slush like we have in years past. I'm NOT a snow fan by any means and I can remember one year when my Dad had to escort all of us ladies from parking lots to restaurants or inside Church...yuck! I couldn't have asked for a better weather situation this year!

I also curled my hair, which didn't turn out as well as I had hoped! Here's for more practice with that!! I wore it pulled back in a beige headband that I've had for a few years and just seems to match everything.

What did y'all wear for Christmas? Do you usually get dressed up or is it more casual? Do you do all the big stuff on Christmas Eve or Christmas?



Portuguese Prepster said...

that dress is from Target?!?! o my god what a find. I normally get more dressed up on Christmas Day as we go to Mass that morning but this year I was pretty casual on both days!

Emily said...

We are very casual. If I were to wear a dress or skirt anywhere other than church my parents think I'm crazy. I would love to be able to get dressed up though!

xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogpot.com

Kelly said...

I dressed up for church on Christmas Eve, but after that, I stayed in footie pajamas! haha!

SHF said...

LOVE your dress! It's so gorgeous! I always dress up on Christmas Eve and stay comfy on Chritmas Day too.


Anonymous said...

Great outfit! More people should be rocking silver at our Xmas Eve Masses - it has gone FAR TOO dressed down.

little miss southern love. said...

Such a cute dress! Loving the whole outfit! I hope you had a great Christmas!