Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I tried making cakepops for the first time during my birthday weekend!

They were fun to make, but not as easy as I thought!! I didn't follow any specific recipe, but instead, just went with a lot of the reading I did on everyone else's cakepop endeavors! 

We used one box of cake to one can of frosting. We used two bags of white chocolate to coat the pops and middle size skewers. I was the musher and combined the cake and frosting and balled them up for Miss Skyler to coat. They ended up significantly larger than we expected which is my fault and I just didn't realize how big they were!! Anyway, it was a blast to make!!

Got any cakepop making tips? Have you ever made them yourself?



Ashley said...

I've found one can of frosting is too much...I use half a can

Southern Charm said...

I got a cake pop machine for Christmas, hands down the easiest way to make them!! (Esp since I'm really unskilled with baking cakes) If you really enjoy them I would suggest getting the machine and the little dipper thing too, plus they're all on sale at Khols! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I'm making cake pops for the first time today! Haha I hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

I haven't made cake pops yet but I really want to! It's on my list of things to bake for sure :)

Maria said...

I loveee making cake pops by hand! It's actually kind of relaxing! I try to make them small just so I can enjoy them as well!

SouthernBelleJM said...

You should check out
if her tutorial isn't on there any more, you can email her. she has it down to a science these days:)