Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1

It is week 1 of the semester.

I don't think I've ever been more excited for any single semester of college! I was excited for my real first semester of school, but a totally different, anxiety-filled excited as a freshman.

This week I'm adding on a new, second major. 

This week I'm going to continue to celebrate my birthday.

This week I'm making major major commitments to school and work and I'm pumped.

This week I'm doing school supply shopping.

This week I'm organizing my entire month.

The first week of the semester is one of the most important. Finals week takes the cake for importance, but starting off on the right foot is like eating breakfast--important, and you can feel it about 75% of the way though if you didn't do it right.

So here's to an AWESOME first week--it certainly started off great! Here's a sneak peek from my birthday:



Portuguese Prepster said...

love the dress! I wore Lilly for my 21st too! Have a great first week back and yes, keep celebrating that birthday!! woo

Kristin said...

good luck with your semester! i miss that first week of the semester when all the classes you're taking are new and exciting. have fun celebrating your 21st! :)

Hannah said...

I love your dress!! and happy belated birthday!! Good luck with the semester as well!!

Maria said...

Have a good first week! I know I have two majors (and two minors) while being in a sorority and it's hard, but if you try hard you can do it!