Monday, January 23, 2012

Organization Nation

I saw this pin on Pinterest awhile back and pinned it so that I would remember it, the usual Pinterest MO. I have SO many pins, and not many "done's" on Pinterest, however this is one I've actually put into place!

In my room at school, I have two closets--one small one with a single door, and my real closet that has French doors. In my small closet, I store jackets, t-shirts, extra PJ's, decorations, gifts for people, costumes, and my laundry. It's about a foot away from my bathroom, so I figured I would use the door for something too! I decided to convert it into storage for cleaning supplies a la Pinterest!
Mine isn't totally full obviously, but only because my organizer doesn't fit the fatter, 32oz bottles. Most of the slots are different bathroom cleaners, room sprays, and there's even some shoe protectant in there too! I'm very pleased with the outcome and what it looks like--hidden and out of the way!

Also, since this Christmas was the Christmas of shoes, I needed a different storage solution for my shoes. Naturally, I followed suit and got 2 more shoe organizers to hold them too. I'm not exactly sure why I've never used these in the past, but they are great! I've stored all my shoes in big plastic bins since my freshman year, but I'm much happier with this solution.
This one holds all my Jacks, neutral shoes, espadrilles, and metallic shoes.
This one holds my dark shoes, more business-y shoes, and sneakers. 

The rest of my flats, boat shoes, boots and flip-flops are still in the bin where they'll stay until I need to wear them on certain days!

How do you organize your closets? Do you use these shoe holders for anything other than shoes?



HMB said...

I have that same shoe organizer - it's so helpful to be able to see all your shoes at once!

Emily said...

I have a hanging bamboo show organizer in my closet. Then under the bed I have big tubs where I keep my boots so they stay nice!

xx Emily @

Portuguese Prepster said...

I just reorganized my closet! so much work haha!


Ooh, I love well organized shoes! One year I splurged on a very large number of those plastic shoe storage boxes from the Container Store to organize all my shoes. I love opening my closet and seeing them all neatly stacked in rows!