Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Gratitude

1. I am thankful for the outpouring of love that I got on the day of my birthday. My family is the bomb and my friends--y'all know who you are--made my 21st the best birthday I've had!
2. I am thankful for sweet people who constantly think about me and my well-being. Whether that's my parents, God-parents, older fabulous Manhattan mentor, or close friends, knowing that you all have my back is the biggest gift.
3. I am thankful for Great American Cookies--never underestimate the power of a GOOD snickerdoodle, or 5. 
4. I am thankful for a trip to Raleigh that I just finally planned officially last night!! Can't wait for that weekend in February!!
5. I am thankful for my new major. Economics is very hard, but I did my first homework assignment successfully and I have a new-found confidence in that class! Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, GAME ON!
6. I am thankful for the closet organization that I did on Sunday. I'll be posting pictures of the way it turned out, and I am so happy!! I even used a Pinterest idea in part of it!! Where's that "Done It" button on Pinterest now?
7. I am thankful for the direction that this semester seems to be going in. It makes me happy to feel like this since it's only the second week of the semester!
8. I am thankful for Twitter. Sometimes I wonder where all my random thoughts/annoyances/etc. went before Twitter existed. So thanks to everyone who reads them and doesn't get too sick of me!
9. I am thankful that spring time is right around the corner! I am so ready for shorts weather!!
10. I am thankful for long drives (or more typically, the 5 mile drive to/from campus to my house) that I can sing at the top of my lungs. Fellow drivers, I'm not offended if you laugh, I probably would too!


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Buckhead Belle said...

Love the list! Also, I was never in the car for very long driving around Clem, but my commute in ATL is 17 miles one way so I am definitely singing in the car!