Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was scrolling Twitter over the weekend and saw a cool story from Mashable and CNN and the title was "Turning Pins to Projects" having turned a few Pinterest pins into projects, including my boat flags wall hanging, dip recipes, and most recently my rhinestone canvas, I figured I would upload my own story!

Once I had uploaded it, one of the iReport producers contacted me about my submission to get some extra info about it! I was able to elaborate about my usage and even how long I've been using Pinterest! I added in that we pinned a bunch in my Bayside Bride internship too!

Check out the full thing here!

I am so excited that people just beyond Let's Be Preppy facebook fans and followers will get to see the fabulous Pinterest crafts! Hopefully they'll get to try it soon too!!



Glitterista said...

Yay! Congrats, Katie. This craft is far too cute for people to not replicate. ;)

Alex DeJoy said...

That is seriously awesome! and that project is precious! love your blog!


little miss southern love. said...

so cute! I definitely need to try this!