Tuesday, March 27, 2012

0 to 80

This is one of the commemorative Carolina Cup posters in honor of the 80th anniversary!

This poster is by Robert Ariail and is currently on his website, here! We got a copy of the poster in the store, and were OBSESSED the minute we saw it!

I love the illustration of the generation gap: you've got the college guy and gal on the left, totally plugged in and rocking their new-school Vineyard Vines and Lilly (presumably). You then see our next characters, rocking the fur stole and tuxedo! I even love the dogs checking out the food in the corner.

This poster is too much fun! It may have to be the beginning of a fun collection if you know what I mean!



Brooke Odom said...

A lot of the fraternities at my school have decided to skip out on Carolina Cup to save money for formals and I'm so disappointed!! The posters are adorable though :)
xo -Bo

Worthington said...

What a great poster! I am a big fan of this years -- just for entertainment's sake...