Friday, March 2, 2012

Cup Dress Week: Katie's Dress

I'm officially announcing MY CUP DRESS!

I will be donning this Lilly Pulitzer Isabel Dress to the one and only Carolina Cup! It's yellow seersucker and has teeny pink horseshoes embroidered on it! It. Is. PERFECT! I'm IN LOVE. Best part: online the description of this dress says, "Tailgate Responsibly"!! How cute is that?

With my announcement, however, I would like to kick off Carolina Cup Dress Week! I'll be showcasing a special dress everyday this week since you have LESS THAN A MONTH until the big day! Hopefully with that, you'll be feeling a little inspired to snag your dress early!!

What are you wearing to Cup? Do you have it picked out yet?



SHF said...

What a perfect dress! I love that it has horseshoes on it and says "tailgate responsibly" - you can't get more Cup appropriate than that! Can't wait to see your other picks over the coming week!


Worthington said...

I love that dress - one of my favorites this year and it def is perfect for the Carolina Cup!

I will probably do the Amberly dress in prep green pink twinkle


Charleston Girl said...

Let the Carolina Cup madness begin! :)

I hope you're getting a monogrammed hat from Marley Lilly!

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress! If only we had the weather here right now for something like that - alas! If I go to our local races when the season starts I am sure I'll be in a wax jacket, not a summer dress, unfortunately :(

Portuguese Prepster said...

love the style of the Isabel dress! I'm still searching for my Foxfield dress!