Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cup Dress Week: Emma Graham's Dress

Meet Griffin! One of the newest Emma Graham Designs dresses and one of my newest favorites! 

Jordan from Emma Graham Designs contacted me about teaming up and I couldn't wait to feature such a cute dress! It arrived a few days ago and would make a fabulous Cup dress! I'd add a fun pearl necklace and Jack Rogers for something like this:
It's SO comfortable and made from the softest material, a linen/rayon combo! Look at how cute the top of the dress is too:
I love the ruffles on the shoulders! 

One of the most fun parts though, is the back of the dress:
Look at that sassy low back! I took a picture of myself, but it didn't turn out quite as cute as this model! 

The Griffin could also be styled down, as seen on the Emma Graham Designs website!
I added a brown woven belt and cork wedges for a daytime look! I used this look as inspiration:

You could super easily take this dress from Cup to any number of events like banquets and parties! It is so versatile, and this King Crab Coral is the best color on any number of skin types! Imagine the Griffin with an amazing straw hat and voila, you're ALL set for the Carolina Cup in Camden!

Are y'all Emma Graham Design fans? I sure am!! Be sure to check out all their designs and see if there's an EGD rep (officially titled Design Consultants!) on your campus! 



Emily said...

I love the way you styled it for 'cup! I will be there this year too and I can't wait to put on my dress and big hat!

westofprep said...

That dress is gorgeous on you! Cup is just another thing that reinforces the fact that I was born in the wrong part of the country!

sSe said...

This is perfect for any race, and could easily be worn for so many other events! Can't wait to see your coverage of the cup itself!