Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Ruffle a few Feathers

March 21

I have finally broken out one of my favorite tops from last summer, the Wiley Tube Top! (Good news: I know that Lilly is remaking this WONDERFUL staple of my closet this summer!) The Wiley features such a fun ruffle across the top and comes in a few other colors too! (A ruffle often helps us girls out who could use a little assistance up top...if you know what I mean!)

This week the weatherman had been calling for rain and high temps, but since we're in South Carolina, all we got was the hot weather! ...and pollen, but y'all have seen enough of my stuffed up tweets about my allergy issues! I was excited to rock my Wiley when it was 86 degrees on Wednesday if you could ever believe that! Late March and it's already 86 degrees! I can't imagine what the summer is going to be like, but it should be toasty!

The Wiley Tube Top is absolutely one of my favorite tops that Lilly has ever produced. I tend to go up a size, so it's not as constricting, but it also gives you the chance to tuck it in, which I did and added a belt! It adds a little bit of flare to your outfit and can make it look more polished. I like wearing the tube top loose with white jeans and when it's really hot out, that way it's not tight or too close to your body!

What are some of your favorite hot weather staples? I'm all about shorts and fun, frilly tops like this!!


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