Friday, April 27, 2012

Cali (Callahan) Swag

I'm not referring to the famed "Teach Me How To Dougie" rappers, but I am referring to Callahan shorts! Callahan's are an absolute summer staple for me! I love the length, I love their bright colors and I love how versatile they are!
Here are just a few of my favorite pairs!

From left to right: Lilly's State of Mind Patch, Turquoise Jungle Glam Toile, Ten Speed, Classic White Had Me a Blast (technically, these are Buttercup shorts...), Starfruit Yellow Uncontainable, Regatta Embroidery, Lilly's B&B (vintage), Chillin' (vintage).

These are some of my FAVORITE shorts that I own! I live in Callahan shorts because they're nice and light especially for these HOT HOT HOT South Carolina summers and Indian summers!



Colorful and Classy said...

I love my Callahans too! My favorite print I have is the Classic White Creme Fraiche from Summer 2010!


I love the tenspeed! One of my all time favorite Lilly prints.

Blonde Prep said...

Ooh so cute! Speaking of vintage, I just ordered a vintage Lilly skirt!


Anonymous said...

Such amazing fabrics!


Ariana said...

I love the Lilly shorts too! I agree, they are nice and cool for hot summers!

- Ariana